Gillian Anderson’s Birthday is slowly coming up (August 9th) and we, the Anderson Daily Staff, are preparing a special gift for her!

Our idea is to put together a video gathering as much fans as we can! So if you want to be part of it send us a picture of you holding a card/piece of paper with or without your hand writing saying “Happy Birthday Gillian!” or something similar.. it’s up to you.. so get creative! 

When you send us your picture please add your name and your country (Send this as aditional info, do not add it to your picture. Also, don’t edit the picture by any means), because we want Gillian to know this is a global project! 

Our DEADLINE is JULY 15th.. so you can start sending your pics to gabirthdayproject[@]gmail[.]com, you can also contact us for further information via Twitter (@AndersonDaily) or via our askbox here on Tumblr.

IMPORTANT NOTE: This is a SECRET present for Gillian. We want this to be a surprise for her, so please do not mention this on her official website or to anyone related to her in any way, that would mean so much not only to us but to everyone who will participate in this project.. so spread the word and we will be waiting for your pictures!

The Anderson Daily Staff

If you guys are like camera shy you can write the message on your hands for example and take a pic of it.. or you can make a handmade card wishing Gillian a Happy Birthday and then take a pic of it.. the important thing is that you take part of this project so Gillian can feel the fans love :P

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    If you guys are like camera shy you can write the message on your hands for example and take a pic of it.. or you can...
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