get to know Gillian Anderson.

Anonymous SAID:
Can you please take the picture with the rosary in her mouth down. I love your site and read your posts. I have loved everything ele but is that one necessary?

Thanks for being a supporter of the blog but a few of us mods at Anderson Daily have talked about your request and we came to the conclusion that we will not take the picture down especially since there was no explanation as to why we should.

This photo does not seem offensive at all and we’re not imposing any kind of religious belief on this blog. We don’t mean to offend anyone, we’re mainly admiring the beauty of these photos and their artistic value, since these photos are part of a photoshoot for a magazine and those kind of shoots are always driven by a theme, basically Gillian was playing a role for the shoot.

That said, if there are indeed more of you who feel uncomfortable with this photo, please send us a message (not anonymous) explaining why, and we will reconsider our position.

somuchmorethanthis SAID:
Hey girls! I'm like pimpin' my "work" place, but yay for the new theme! It is EXCELLENT!

Yay! Thank you so much Ceci! ♥

Gillian Anderson at the Giffoni Film Festival.

willtasker SAID:
I've seen you tag ceci on some of your posts. Is this a username or am I missing something?

Hi. It’s simply the mod’s name. It allows you to see which one of us posted what. You can sort posts by members on the tags page. Hope it’s clear enough :)

Anonymous SAID:
this theme is a big improvement!!

Thank you! We’re glad you like it :)

Anonymous SAID:
Beautiful theme. Loved it. You all do a great job. Kudos.

Thank you so much! This means a lot to us :)

Gillian Anderson photographed by Stephen Busken

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